How to Wear Sequins When You’re Not Going to Prom

I know you might envision “party clothes” when you think about sequins, but hear me out for a minute! I believe sequins can be part of your everyday look AS LONG AS they’re paired with casual pieces. This post exists solely to convince you of this point, so you will all start wearing sequins on a random Tuesday morning coffee run too! Wouldn’t that make the world more fun?! 🙂

When I bought these sequin joggers I knew I’d wear them with sneakers and a casual shirt, because I always feel the most like myself when I wear a mix of dressy and REALLY casual. It does feel important to note that my friends couldn’t help themselves from rubbing my legs to see if my pants had the kind of sequins that change colors when you rub them in different directions. To everyone’s disappointment, they don’t. And if you’re not cool with people rubbing you, just don’t wear sequins.

Okay, so here are a few basic ideas about how to put together an outfit around a sequin statement piece. If you have a sequin top or jacket, pair it with denim and sneakers or casual booties. Check out this post for an idea. It features my favorite sequin blazer that I often wear as an “everyday” piece! If your sequins are on a skirt or pants, try wearing it with a t-shirt, denim button up shirt or jacket, and sneakers or casual boots. Still feel like you look too dressy? Add a baseball cap! This post has a few more examples of my dressy/casual wardrobe formula.

And really, this is the most important part of getting dressed: don’t take yourself seriously! Life is short, so I’m going to wear clothes that make me smile!!!