Top 20 Products of 2020

2020 was obviously a doozy of a year that called for some retail therapy at times. Your favorite items that I shared throughout the year…


2020 was obviously a doozy of a year that called for some retail therapy at times. Your favorite items that I shared throughout the year ranged from new beauty products to try, items to make your time at home more enjoyable, some basic wardrobe staples, and a lot of leopard print – no surprise to any of us! Here’s a round up with twenty of your favorites from 2020… and mine too. 🙂

1. I have two favorite perfumes, and Pinrose Sun Saint is one of them. Smells like lime, sea salt and sun-warmed coconut!

2. The magic swimsuit that looks good on everyone! It’s almost sold out right now, but was so popular that I think it will be restocked again this spring.

3. You always ask about the rug in our living room! It’s this one. We’ve had it for years, and I still love it!

4. Hands down, my favorite lash serum.

5. The fit and raw hem on these jeans makes them a winner. I have to make myself wear other pants!

6. I’ve bought a lot of sneakers over the last year, but the bright pops of neon make these high tops stand out.

7. Hats!!!! You know I love them all, especially this one in “petal” pink.

8. Every wardrobe needs a classic black/white plaid blazer, and the price point makes this one a winner.

9. My Instagram friends/followers helped me find the perfect boho headboard last year. 🙂

10. We can all use a little more rest right now, and this sleep spray helps my family relax. I spray it on our pillows or sheets before bed.

11. Un Jardin (by Hermes) is my other favorite perfume. This one smells like mango, lotus blossom, incense, and sycamore wood. It’s so good!

12. I sent my Mom a link to these running shoes saying she “needed them,” and she bought us both a pair! They sold out everywhere lightening fast, but I just found them again!

13. These animal print espadrilles were probably my most worn sneakers last year. They’re on clearance now!

14. I love these dainty custom rings, and so did you! Anderson gave me one with his name and one with Kingston’s. They’re so special to me and are the perfect gift for any occasion.

15. Last year meant lots of home workouts for me, and these mini bands were my favorite addition to my at-home routine.

16. The secret ingredient for a perfect mani/pedi at home. I’ve been using this SolarSpeed Spray for years, because it helps my nails dry FAST.

17. I’m still really happy with these Dr. Marten inspired combat boots. They’re so much lighter and more comfortable than the originals… and less than $40.

18. Every time I wear this sweater set people tell me I look comfy. ha! I am, thanks!

19. If my skin starts looking/feeling congested I reach for this clay mask. I’ve tried so many clay masks over the years and always come back to this one.

20. One more pair of animal print sneakers, because WHY NOT?!? These Vans are on sale right now!


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