I Found a Jumpsuit for Short People!

For some reason, every jumpsuit ever made was designed for a 5’10” woman. And even though I know this fact, and I’m about half a foot shorter than that, I keep trying them on over and over. The result is always the same – a huge bulge of material in the back just above my waistline. Not cute. So imagine my surprise and excitement when I was (once again) searching for a jumpsuit online and saw one that looked like it just might fit a shorter body! Could it really be true?! I ordered it immediately and am happy to report that IT FITS! In fact, there’s no way a 5’10” woman could wear this jumpsuit. So if you, like me, are not a runway model, but still have dreams of wearing jumpsuits, this one’s for you. And even better… it’s under $40 and comes in multiple colors! Check it out here. 🙂




The length hits just below my ankles. I just liked the look of the legs rolled up!