How to Make a Blazer Fun & Casual

I have a strange obsession with blazers. Always have. Like, picture me at 15 wearing them all the time. 🙂 But as I’ve gotten older, and my style has become more relaxed I couldn’t figure out how to wear them. Every time I put one on I felt like a 90s Realtor/Serious Business Lady. And that’s not the look I’m going for. EVER! After many failures I finally figured out the trick though. If I’m going to wear a blazer I have to dress like an 11-year-old skater boy from the waist down. haha! Hear me out: The secret to putting together an outfit that I feel good in always means a mix of dressy and really casual. So now if I want to wear a blazer I pair it with jeans and either sneakers or high tops. For me, this formula just always works. In fact, any time I wear a dressy piece – party dress/sequin pants/velvet blazer I feel best pairing them with something really casual – t-shirt/baseball hat/sneakers or boots, etc. This is why I rarely wear heels anymore. I just can’t figure out how to keep them from looking too pretty/girly/basic. If you’ve been wanting to mix things up with your wardrobe, try this formula and see how you feel!

Here are a few more examples from Instagram of casual/dressy pieces that work together:

Top Left: T-shirt + Sequin Blazer. Top Right: Gold glittery pants + Sneakers + Baseball Hat.
Bottom Left: Sequin Shorts + T-shirt + Blazer. Bottom Right: Party Dress + Denim Jacket + Old, beat-up “work boots.”