“THAT” skirt

Free People Skirt

King: “Mom I want you to get a sticker for your car that says MY CHILD IS GIFTED.”
Me: (Bc I love him and don’t want him to get beaten up) “Ummmmm. I don’t think they make those.”
King: “Well you can design one for now, and then when I’m President I’ll make sure parents can buy them.”

I love that he thinks he can solve all of his problems by running for President. And I’ll def buy the MY KID IS PRESIDENT sticker. 🙂

Yesterday I posted this picture and exchange on social media, and y’all laughed along with me! But you also wanted to know “Where’d you get that skirt???” So here are the deets: I got it on clearance at a local Free People store last year and can’t find it online anymore. Boo. BUT! I found some really fun similar skirts and wanted to link them for anyone who’s interested!

PS-The tank is thrifted Banana Republic and my tassel necklace was a Mother’s Day gift from The Copper Closet last year!