Summer Bucket List


Kingston and I made a list of things we want to do this summer. It’s pretty basic – nothing too ambitious – just a list of activities to look at, so we don’t spend all day, every day on the couch. Although I hope we have some of those days too!

  1. Visit the library and check out some new books.
  2. Panera dates – When Kingston was really little he said this was the nicest restaurant in town! 🙂 Now he says it’s still the nicest “fast-casual” place, and he wants to try some new pastries there this summer. ha!
  3. Summer Waves – We’re going to Jekyll Island with my parents!
  4. Pool hop!!! We’ve always loved hitting all the neighborhood pools in our area. And a friend just gave us a key to hers, so we have a new one to scope out this summer!
  5. Find the BEST PIZZA in Jacksonville. We’re on an important mission.
  6. Jumpstreet with friends.
  7. VBS
  8. Bike rides over the bridge with Dad.
  9. Beach – find some new spots to hang out.
  10. Downtown adventure – The main library, Hemming Park, Sweet Pete’s, Chamblin’s, The Skyway… we love a good morning in Downtown Jax!
  11. Cuppy’s dates with Dad.