Outfit of the Week

And now for a completely unrelated story:
I quickly did a huge load of laundry before we left for vacation last week. Partly because I needed some of the clothes for our trip and partly because I don’t like coming home to a pile of dirty clothes. Anyway, I usually look through our pockets (Anderson has a fun habit of leaving napkins in his pockets. Have you ever washed a napkin? Not fun.) but I was in too much of a hurry and forgot. So as I was taking everything out of the dryer and folding it I felt something in the pocket of my running shorts. I knew immediately what it was and said a few words under my breath. And when I pulled my iPod and ear-buds out of my pocket I was pretty mad at my self. I mean, I’m the responsible one in this house! But then I pressed play and heard music. What the heck?! It still worked! And so far is still going strong. I was already an Apple fan, but that sealed to deal for me. 🙂