Outfit of the Week

This is my “no I’m not really going to a country music concert” outfit. šŸ™‚
And it’s the only way to do layers in Florida. Boots with shorts and a really light shirt over a tank top. Fall fashion at it’s finest!

I want to say a quick THANK YOU to so many of you who were praying with me yesterday. A lot of you who follow me on social media know that I had my “6-month check up” brain scan at Mayo. It was a long day – emotionally and physically exhausting. But I appreciate all your encouragement so much and want you to know that. We got good news from the doctor! My brain tumor hasn’t changed at all since the last scan. So I’ll go back in the spring for another scan and if there’s still no change we’ll just check it once a year! God is so faithful, and I am grateful. Let’s not talk about this again until next spring, okay?!?