Outfit of the Week

T-shirt and necklace: Target
Skirt: Umgee via Classy CrossRoads
Shoes: Aldo

I mentioned last week that my Dad sent me shopping for Mother’s Day with my Mom and Sis-in-Law. This skirt is one of the fun pieces I brought home that day! Thanks Dad!!! I wore it for date night, but since it’s covered in sequins I thought it needed to be paired with a plain t-shirt. Anyway, I thought the girls were taking me to shop in the middle of nowhere, but we ended up at a fun boutique (in Macclenny, FL!) and all found some great stuff! We always have the best time together and pretty much laughed the entire time… so did the patient shop girl who helped us. I hope she gets paid commission, because she earned it that day after helping us try on 427 pieces of clothing and hearing this (and a lot more) from the dressing rooms:

“It’s great that denim jackets are back, but these sleeveless vests look like something Joe Dirt would wear.”

“Am I too old for this?”(Said about 37 times.)

“Where is your butt?”

“Everybody will talk about me if I wear this.” “They already do. Get it!”

“We really should’ve eaten lunch before we tried on clothes. Now we’re all just going to order some carrot juice.”

“My back looks too old for this.”

“You look like you’re wearing a diaper.”

If you’re going to shop with friends, make sure they’re the type who will tell you that your shorts look like a diaper. šŸ™‚