Good. Not so good.


– Growing out bangs. I keep saying I’ll never have bangs again. Then I forget I said that. And the cycle begins again. So annoying. I’m even taking my Biotin everyday (miracle hair growth supplement!), but it just isn’t working fast enough for me this time.

– My eyesight is THE WORST. The other night Anderson and I were going to bed and we played “rock, paper, scissors” to see who had to get up with Kingston the next morning. He said he won. The problem is I couldn’t even see if he was lying. I need to have Lasik surgery behind his back just for moments like this. Once Kingston finds out I’m blind there’s no telling what he’ll get away with.

– We lose everything around this house: a new pack of razors, salsa from a takeout meal (I sniffed that one out in a few days-so GROSS), a Ziploc bag full of cheese squares and grapes, a shopping bag full of new clothes. Kingston loves to throw things away and stash them in weird places, so I think we’ll find a big pile of stuff when he moves out one day. Until then…

– An aggressive little drummer and flailing drum sticks last night = my lip all busted up.


– Anderson’s work schedule has been brutal lately. I’m not even sure when it started. More than 6 months ago. Less than a year. He probably knows the exact date. He works 3 days on; 3 days off. Sometimes days; sometimes nights. And to be honest it’s been really hard to keep a good attitude about it. It probably would’ve been easier when it was just the two of us, but now that we have a little guy it’s just a crazy balancing act. But every time I start feeling grumpy about it I remember that HE. HAS. A. JOB. A good job. And that’s huge. And the fact that he still has a job with a military contractor is pretty big too. (I promise not to go on political rants on this site, but you can draw your own conclusions about how I feel about cutting defense budgets, etc.) 🙂 I’m so thankful for his job. And I’m thankful that when he’s off for 3 days we get to hang out (during the week sometimes!) and do things we normally wouldn’t be able to do. And I’m thankful for the people who own his company. They’ve been so good to us over the years!

– When Kingston hugs us and says, “So, so much!” It’s his version of “I love you so much!”

– Shopping at my parents’ house. My Mom and I are getting ready for a big yard sale in a few weeks, and I found a bunch of treasures at her house the other day when we were going through old stuff. It’s like shopping at my favorite flea market… for free. 🙂

– Cleaning out closets. You know that feeling when you go through junk and your “get rid of pile” is bigger than your “keep” pile? I love that feeling! I must say though, anyone with enough stuff for a huge yard-sale every year probably has a hoarding problem. I think it’s a result of shopping at thrift stores all the time! Of course I don’t know anyone like that.