Good. Not So Good.


Kingston has a need to know everything about everything. His questions never end, and I love this about him. Most days!!! Here are a few questions I’ve heard lately:

“How about that one planet, Uranus? Nobody ever talks about that one!”

– Thankfully my brother was around to impart some wisdom, “That’s because it stinks.”

“Is there ever a time when it’s okay for someone to have an abortion?”

– Anderson was like, “HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ABORTION???????” It’s my fault. He asks question, and I answer them. ALL OF THEM! So we had talked about it a few days before. I probably should have warned Anderson! Seriously though, I’m so thankful for two friends whose stories I was able to tell him. Both had “good” reasons to end their pregnancies but didn’t and seeing how God has used their stories is pretty incredible. To me, it’s not enough to answer King’s questions with “because the Bible says______.” At least not until he’s able to really grasp the heart of God. So it’s a blessing to have powerful examples of God’s faithfulness to share with him!

“If you have a lot of money and you die, what happens to your money?”

– “Go ask Grandpa, because that’s not a problem we’ll ever have.”

“Why does the Bible end with that letter John wrote on the island? Why doesn’t it just keep going?”

– We talked about how the entire Bible points to Jesus and his plan to rescue us. So once he did the job he came to do, the story kind of ends with a big “to be continued…”

“Mom, how EXACTLY did you get pregnant?”

– I’ll just leave you with this gem:



The way I really wanted to answer ALL of these: “I need to go lie down.”

PS- I don’t post much on Facebook anymore, because it’s so negative right now. I just don’t like to even check it most days. But the party is over on Instagram stories. That’s where I posted this video, and it’s pretty much the stuff I share over there all the time, so come join the fun. 🙂