Good. Not So Good.



I was on my way to pick up Kingston from his class after our church service Sunday when one of the kids’ area serve staff members stopped me. She’s one of my favorites, so I gave her a hug! Then she told me that Kingston prayed during their large group time. I smiled, because he loves to pray! (Most of the time.) Then she told me exactly what he said: “Thank you God for me, my family, my friends, all the people I love, and all the people I should love.” 🙂

I was so proud that I basically floated down the hall all the way to his classroom…


When I got to Kingston’s class, his teacher told me that she had to have a talk with him – “It wasn’t a huge deal, but he was spitting.” ON THE TOYS! I wanted to die.

Parenting is like that, isn’t it?! One moment you’re so proud, “Look at my kid! He’s so awesome!” And the next minute you’re like, “Um. Thanks for letting me know he was spitting. I’ll go find his mom and let her know!”