Good. Not so good.


– Kingston likes to make a tent out of our bedsheets and is always yelling “Tent! Tent!” The only problem is he doesn’t pronounce the N. So… yeah.

– One of those nights where you’re out to dinner with friends and your kid is SO bad. We had to tag team the whole “let’s go for a walk” thing the entire time. A lady sitting next to us kept giving him the death stare, and at one point he stood right in front of her, stared her in the face, and picked his nose.

– Hypothetically: If your child had diarrhea in the tub would it be socially acceptable to just walk out the front door and never come back?


– Going on vacation without Kingston. And Grandparents who are willing to make it happen! Camp Grandma and Pops is the best! We’re headed to NYC next week. Any locals have suggestions for us? (I like to do more local-recommended activities instead of the touristy stuff when we travel!)

– Friends who will still go out to dinner with us even after the story above.

-Kingston loves to sing. LOVES it. I’m talking about carrying a real microphone around the house and belting out his favorite songs while bending his knees and making the funniest faces ever.

– Not having to take and be in Hyatt Family Photos this year. Do you know how hard it is to get little munchkins to smile at a tripod? Someone else took them this time and it went about 10% smoother-ha!