Good. Not So Good.

Good: – Randomly, from the backseat one day Kingston said, “I’m so filled with joy!” – The day Anderson got a job offer from his…

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– Randomly, from the backseat one day Kingston said, “I’m so filled with joy!”

– The day Anderson got a job offer from his new company, one of our favorite couples called and said they wanted to take us out to celebrate. So they did. And we had THE BEST time! Then a few days later the wife half of that couple taught Kingston to swim! We had been really working on it all summer, and she helped him finally “get” it. We were at their pool one day and she nonchalantly told me that she used to teach swim lessons and asked if I cared if she worked with Kingston a little. And boom. He’s a fish now! This is just part of why they are some of my favorite people!

– My Mom is a get things done kind of person. I’m not. Okay. That’s not true. I am about a lot of things, but it’s hard for me to get motivated about some stuff. So my Mom and I have a lot of conversations around my house like this — Mom: “Lyndsay I’m dying to trim the branches off those trees in your front yard.” Me: “Well I’m not, so…” Enter my mom bringing her clippers with her the next time she comes over. This is how a lot of stuff gets done at my house.

– We’re headed to Michigan to visit Anderson’s brothers! Both of their wives had babies last month, so we’re going to pinch cheeks and sniff baby heads!


– Kingston in Target, “I grew up here, Mom. Didn’t I?”

– Have I mentioned just how much Kingston loves cars? He knows the make and model of every car we pass on the rode. And his latest thing is picking up the free car sales booklets from the front of the grocery store. He gets so excited every time we get a new one. What he doesn’t get excited about is eating dinner. So one night I read an Auto Trader to him while he ate dinner. It was ridiculous. “First we have a 2006 Chevy Impala with leather seats! For only $2,999!”

– I want a mini-pig. Basically, you can take the girl out of the country… Think about it though, how cute would it be to have a little pig? We could take it for walks around the neighborhood! And I could name it something ridiculous! But if I want a legit mini-pig (teacup pig?) it’s going to cost around $900. Is it just me, or is that insane? The other option is to buy one that’s advertised on Craigslist for $250 then find out later that it’s not so mini after all and be stuck with a 200lb pig in our house.

– Every time one of our pastors uses an American football analogy during a sermon, Anderson leans over to me with a confused/slightly annoyed look and asks, “Is this a football thing?”

– You know how I told y’all about filming a video with Kingston the other day? (Click here to catch up.) Well, there’s more to that story. On the last Sunday of the series, the pastor we were working with asked us if we would bring Kingston to their church, so he could get on stage and do the 10 Commandments live. We asked him. This was his response: “I’m gonna be grumpy that day and cry, and knock the microphone off the stage on to the people.” We declined.

– This has happened twice: the doorbell rings in the middle of the day, and I answer it (with Kingston right behind me) to find two really nice Jehovah’s Witness ladies. They ask me if anyone in our house speaks Spanish. I tell her no. One of them frowns and looks down at a paper (I’m guessing it has our name on it) then looks at me again. She’s skeptical now and obviously thinks I’m lying. “Are you sure?” she asks. “No Spanish speakers?” I tell her I’m sure and I hope they have a good day then start closing the door just as Kingston excitedly yells out, “Si! Si! No Spanish here!” It’s the only Spanish he knows.


  1. Truly interesting, delightfully funny!
    Oh, some Americans (especially the JW kind) think that any surname that does not sound Anglo is automatically Spanish, including, without limiting, Asian last names.
    The truth is that Almeida is very much a Iberic name, from the Iberic Peninsula, comprised of Portugal and Spain, except that most Spanish Almeyda… you guessed, are spelled with a “y” and the Portuguese (thank God!) Almeida is spelled with an “i”.
    Almeida is a “table” – geographically speaking – city on North Eastern Portugal, borderline with Spain and it is so high that it was an observation point for Napoleon. As per my research most of our relatives come from that region and for those obsessed by ancestry, usually our surnames is 1/3 Moor, 1/3 Jew, 1/3 European, although specifically our ancestry may not be any of it, but just some people from the town “of Almeida”, since originally our last names is “from the house OF Almeida” (de Almeida). When I came to the USA I removed the De because it was being attributed as my last name. Then I named all my sons Almeida, without the archaic (but charmy) “De”, meaning “from the house of”.
    I just thought every Almeida would know these facts! Fascinating facts about our names! Oh, BTW, it comes from the Arab “Al maida” meaning “top, or a geographical table”.

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