Good. Not So Good.



– One night last week Anderson came home from work, and we were in the car headed to the beach – surfboard and all – in about 10 minutes. It was the best night! We’ll definitely be doing that a lot this summer.

– I made a Father’s Day printable for you! It’s a list of questions for your kids to answer. Click here to download it, then let your kids make Dad’s day special by filling out the questions about him. I can’t wait to see what Kingston has to say!

– Anderson says if Brazil wins the World Cup this year he’ll get a tattoo. I’m pushing for a portrait of his beautiful wife. I can’t even explain to you how big of a deal this World Cup stuff is to my soccer-loving Brazilian man. But you can believe I’ll actually be paying attention to the games this year. 🙂


– We almost bought Kingston a cactus for his room. I’m not sure what is wrong with us, but here’s what happened: We were in Home Depot one Saturday (we’re overhauling our yard and have been there a lot over the last month) walking through the plants when Kingston saw a cart full of cacti. He got really excited, because he’s still obsessed with the Cars movies. And all of the books, cartoons, and movies are set in the desert and talk about cacti. So he asked if he could have one for his room, and we looked at each other, shrugged, and said, “Sure.” Idiots. I started poking all of them to see which one was the least “pokey” when I looked over at Anderson (with little needles sticking out of all my fingers) and said, “Um. Do you think this is a good idea?” We had one of those WHAT WERE WE THINKING? moments and quickly moved away from the from the dangerous plants.

– We’re in the process of moving Kingston to a big boy bed, so I’m re-doing his room. Let’s be honest: I needed an excuse, and the poor little (BIG) guy is getting way too tall for his toddler bed. In the process I’ve thought a few times about how moms sometimes make a huge deal about the whole crib –  to toddler bed – to big boy bed thing. And I thought, “Hmm. I really don’t get that at all. This is fun!” Then…

– We started the process of picking a preschool. And as excited as I am for him to go to “school” a few days a week, you’ll probably find me hanging onto the poor boy’s leg that first week yelling, “Please don’t go!” as he tries to walk into class. I was totally fine with the whole thing, but then I accidentally found myself in the lunchbox/backpack aisle at Target and almost had to stop by the pharmacy on my way out for some happy pills. We haven’t made a final decision about where to send him, but we did rule out all schools that require 3-year-olds to wear uniforms. I just can’t!

– Is shopping for a kid’s mattress as big of a pain as Anderson and I have made it? We went to a mattress place (THREE actually) and Anderson told the lady we just needed a basic twin mattress and box spring. Then he felt the basic mattresses and announced that they feel like they should be in prison. So we moved on to the not-so-basic ones. Something was wrong with them too. (I don’t even remember anymore.) So by the time we left the store – empty handed- we were looking at paying as much for our toddler’s mattress/box spring as we did for ours. We don’t call him The King for nothing! Now we have a dilemma… what are your mattress buying tips? Please help me tell Anderson we aren’t setting our child up for a lifetime of back problems if he doesn’t have the memory foam bed! No child needs to be sleeping on a cloud, right?