Good. Not-So-Good.



– Anderson always has some sort of soccer injury. Note the oozing cut on his leg in the pic above. But I’m so used to it that I don’t even notice until someone says, “Hey – why is your toenail black?” or “What happened? Your left ankle is twice the size of your right!” The latest is a torn ligament in his foot that we thought was a break for a while. But this one came with a silver lining. He had to use crutches and mentioned to his doctor that he parks in a parking garage a few blocks from his office, so the doctor gave him a temporary handicap car tag. He came home and immediately asked if we could go to Disney. Apparently we can park close and get to the front of the lines. 😉

– We got our taxes done early this year! April 14th.

– Potty training 101 is complete! Awards were handed out to everyone involved.

– The other night Anderson was putting away his clothes that I had washed, folded, and left on his dresser. Six years into this marriage, and I still have no idea where his clothes go in his dresser. He started to complain that I had put a pair of my shorts in his pile, and I started to get annoyed that he was complaining after I had done his laundry. Then we both realized at the same time that it was actually his Speedo that he thought was my little shorts. I haven’t stopped making fun of him yet. You can take the boy out of Brazil…

– Yesterday afternoon we were playing in the backyard, and Kingston asked Anderson to put his bathing suit on him. Once he had it on he walked up to me and said, “Mom, I’m a stud muffin.”

– I thought my phone camera was broken, and I was really upset! This phone has been in the toilet and back. There’s no way it can quit on my now. Then after much frustration I realized that I just kept putting my finger over the lens. Professional stuff right here.


– We were leaving Target when I saw a note on my windshield. It basically said, “Thanks a lot for hitting my door and walking away. Don’t worry. I got your tag number. Have a good day!” Um, what?!? I spent the entire afternoon worrying that a cop was going to show up at my door and ask if I had been to Target hitting car doors and walking away. I called Anderson in a panic, because she said she had my tag number, and I was worried about what she would do with it. File a complaint with the DMV? Call the cops? Call her car insurance company? I have no idea what any of those actions would lead to but I was thinking at least a night in jail. Finally, he told me to calm down and said, “Nothing’s going to happen. Do you know how many people take down my tag number everyday?” I thought about it for a minute. He is seriously one of the worst drivers I’ve ever met. So I stopped worrying about crazy Target lady’s passive-aggressive note. And you know what lady? I did have a good day!

– Kingston took a (blurry – thank you Jesus) picture of me the other day, then loaded it to Instagram, added a filter, and posted it. In this picture I just so happened to be painting the coffee table… in my underwear.