Good. Not-So-Good.


– Playing in the yard and eating a strawberry sucker after church. Just because.

– Overhearing Kingston talking to his toys and saying, “That’s ghetto.” Then asking him where he learned that and him saying, “Mamma!” Yep. I put this in the good list. Ha!

– Spending the weekend with friends (the kind who are more like family) I haven’t seen in almost two years and capturing their family with my camera. Laughing and talking honestly about faith and parenting and success and failure.

– Reading a whole book in two days!

– Coming home to my boys. Sometimes it’s good to get away, but it’s always good to come home.


– Sitting next to a sleeping mouth breather WITH BAD BREATH on a plane.

– The never-ending story. Also known as potty training in our house. An older (wiser) mom told me not to worry – he won’t go to kindergarten in pull-ups. I totally appreciated her sentiment, but she doesn’t know Kingston well and doesn’t realize that he just might. At least it won’t be diapers?!? I prayed for a strong-willed child. I’m an idiot.