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Good: – Toasted Coconut Pancakes from Trader Joe’s. You need to get a box of these. I like to make my own pancakes, so they…



Toasted Coconut Pancakes from Trader Joe’s. You need to get a box of these. I like to make my own pancakes, so they don’t have all the preservatives and yucky stuff, but these are totally worth a try! Life is short. Try the pancakes.

– Emojis. I’ve hated them for years now. They’re so silly and dramatic. I mean, nobody actually makes those faces in real life. The winking eye with the tongue out? Really? I even have them disabled on this website, because originally, when I typed a colon and parenthesis it automatically turned into a yellow smiley face, and I could not stand it. But then something came over me recently (Christmas spirit maybe?), and I started using them. A smiley face here. A thumbs up there. Now I’m addicted. Completely addicted. I can’t send a text without a cheesy smiley face or hand gesture. It’s driving Anderson crazaaaay. Maybe that’s why I love them?

– Christmas Chapel at school K. Rock’s school. He was so excited that Grandma and Grandpa were there. And while he stood there like a deer-in-headlights during all the songs they performed, he made up for it with his enthusiastic clapping after each number. 🙂

– My parents kept Kingston while we were in NYC last month, and when we got back he had a brand new vocabulary. He now answers every question with “Sure did. Sure do. Sure don’t.” Except he pronounces it like, “Shoooore do.” I know exactly where he got it too, because when we came to pick him up he told us, “I love you like a fat kid loves cake and Aunt Shannon loves steak.” He’s now only allowed to spend a certain amount of time with my brother each month.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is our favorite Bible story book. My awesome sister-in-law, Sara, is an avid reader and gives the best books. She bought this one for Kingston a few years ago, and he loves it! We’ve even started giving it to all of our friends when they have babies!

– Cedar’s brand Mediterranean Lentil Salad and Taboule Salad from Publix. These are so good mixed with quinoa or over a bowl of greens or on a tortilla…

– I’ve been praying specifically that God would increase Anderson’s influence at work and continue opening new doors for him with his career in video animation. Last month he worked day and night on a big project with an even bigger deadline, and the client was totally blown away by the end result. So much so that he nominated Anderson for a big award (with a bonus!), and made sure the CEO of his company saw it. And that led to it being shown to a committee at the White House. Yep. THE White House! How cool is that? And how cool is God? He doesn’t do anything half-way!!!


– One afternoon we were lying on Kingston’s bed while he was playing cars on the floor. Anderson was texting with a friend when he said, “Check this out! You can take a picture while you’re texting and it automatically sends it!” Then he started taking a bunch of pictures of us. And after a minute I was like. “Wait! Who are you sending those to?” Turns out our friend, Eddy, got a bunch of pictures of us lying in bed staring into the phone like those confused old people on the webcam commercials. Could’ve been worse, but we still called to explain.

– We were having lunch at a friend’s house to celebrate her birthday. It was a fun crowd, and all of the adults were sitting around the table chatting after the meal while the kids played in another room. All was well until Kingston walked into the dining room, stood right behind my chair, and “whispered” (the kid can’t whisper), “Mom… I’m doing really bad things I shouldn’t be doing.”


  1. I was hoping you were going to say that K showed up in his undies….THEN it would have been a Greenhaw Party from the 90's! We are classy like that!

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