What I Wore – Wardrobe Basics and a Statement Piece


What I Wore… to run errands and get fro-yo with my guys. 🙂

This outfit is all about basics with one statement piece. I put on the jeans and t-shirt but decided the look needed a little more excitement. So I added a funky jacket, and with a satisfied nod, ran out the door to meet my family who were not-so-patiently waiting in the car. (JK-I totally don’t nod at myself in the mirror! I don’t think I do…)

A few thoughts about basics: They’re basic. And boring. Personally, I’m all about statement pieces. Often, too many statement pieces in one outfit. Ha! See the pics above. The boots and jacket together might be a little “much” for some. And either one could stand alone as an outfit’s statement piece. Jeez. See? I can’t even talk about basics… okay, back on track.

I’m learning that everyone needs some quality basics to build from. And a good pair of jeans that fit well is a great place to start. For the longest time, I’ve had a drawer full of (cheap) jeans that don’t really fit me well. But I recently got rid of most of them, and it’s made getting dressed so much faster. If you’re going to splurge on a piece of clothing, I think jeans are a good place to do it. You’ll wear them so much that the cost-per-wear ends up being really low! Quality t-shirts are worth the price too. And when I say “quality” I just mean Gap or J. Crew level quality, not $200 t-shirts! For me, the difference in fit between a Target shirt and a Gap shirt is totally worth the extra cost. And they last longer too!

Once you have a few good basics you can have fun adding trendier (not so pricey) statement pieces like fun jackets, hats, and jewelry.

“Mom Jeans” –  Madewell
Jacket – ASOS
T-shirt – Gap
Booties – Coconuts by Matisse