What I Wore

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What I Wore… to church and lunch yesterday. I was getting dressed yesterday morning and automatically picked up a pair of pants, then realized it has been forever since I wore a skirt. I couldn’t even remember the last time! So I grabbed this neon pencil skirt instead. I love the color. It adds a little punch to my dark winter wardrobe! But I felt so over-dressed all day. Funny how you get used to a certain type of clothes. Jeans rolled up with ankle boots are kind of my uniform right now. And my legs are always cold in the winter, so pants make more sense. But I think the biggest reason I haven’t been wearing skirts is because I’m always chasing Kingston around. Ha! I know some of you can relate. 🙂

Wore the skirt (and shirt!) last here.

PS – Jenny cut my hair off again. It was really damaged (dry and crunchy), so we decided to chop it and start over. She’s so good! Always does exactly what I ask for. In case you’re looking at cutting yours, here is the pic I took in.