What I Wore

… pretty much all month. Okay, there were different shirts and pants thrown in, but these tennis shoes with this jacket is my current mom uniform. I love coats. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I collect them – ha! And as ridiculous as that sounds, when you add the fact that I live in Florida, it becomes completely absurd! Thankfully this winter has been just cold enough for me to enjoy my “collection.”

You know why this particular coat is so great?
Two reasons, actually:
1. It’s from Gap, but I bought it from a thrift store for $8.
2. I can throw on pretty much anything underneath and just button it up. Win!


And then this happened. No explanation. 🙂


And some style inspiration from around the internet:

half up bun

Source: 123

pants and sneaks

Source: 123