What I Wore

What I Wore… to grab lunch and run a bunch of errands.

I love this caftan! It’s so comfy. But I guess that’s obvious since its teetering on the edge of mu-muville. It’s totally acceptable though, because I’ve been feeling awful this last week, so getting dressed was kind of exhausting. Comfy caftan/mu-mu to the rescue! Anderson told me multiple times that it reminded him of something his mom wore in the 80’s. It wasn’t a compliment. So what’s a girl to do? Wear it every day when he comes home from work (obviously). I’m even thinking about saving it for Kingston’s future wife. We should really keep this thing going. šŸ˜‰

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In other news: Johnny and June got a little makeover. This is the only color I had on hand, so out with the chipping gold and in with the vintage turquoise!