What I Wore


… to church a few weeks ago.
We’re in that weird place between summer and fall when everyone is going crazy about pumpkin everything and we’re still sweating it out here in Florida. So this outfuit is a little bit summer/a little bit fall.

Dress (worn as top): Forever 21
Corduroy Skirt: JCrew
Leopard Sneakers: XOXO (from Zulily) Similar ones here.
Bag: Anthropologie (Thrifted!)

I’ve finally stopped calling these posts “Outfit of the Week.” It didn’t really make sense, because sometimes I was just posting the only outfit I had pictures of that week. But the title “outfit of the week” sounded like some sort of declaration. Like it was the most fabulous thing I put on all week! Ha! When in fact, it was usually just the only outfit I had a picture of. Also, I don’t even post outfits the week I wear them sometimes. It might be the week after (depending on how busy I am.) So yeah. This makes more sense… at least to me. šŸ™‚