What I Wore – Girlfriend Jean Shorts

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What I Wore… to church! šŸ™‚

I love jean shorts and wear them all year but have a hard time finding cute pairs that aren’t too short/tight or both! And believe it or not, I’m keenly aware that now is the time for me to make a choice about whether or not I want to be “that mom.” You know “that mom!” The one who dresses like she’s about 10 years older than her kids. Yikes! I have a tendency to be her, because I love trendy styles. But I really do want to be somewhat appropriate!

Anyway, back to the jean shorts…

I’ve tried boyfriend fit jeans and jean shorts several times over the last few years. They seem like a great idea – trendy style with a roomier fit. Every time I take another pair into a dressing room, I’m just sure they will look as perfect as they do on the 6-foot-tall models. But every time I look in that 3-way dressing room mirror I have the same weird rectangle shape, bunchy crotch, and baggy thighs. And yet I keep trying.

Enter the Girlfriend Fit! (These names are so confusing. What do they MEAN?!) They’re a little baggy, looser fit but aren’t as roomy as the boyfriend style. Exactly what I was looking for! So all of the rambling is to say: if you like the idea of the boyfriend fit but haven’t had luck with them, try the girlfriend!