What I Wore… and a Little Advice from the Bra Queen

What I wore… twice last weekend. The necklace is the best part, and I forgot to get a close-up pic of it. Dang it! Oh…


What I wore… twice last weekend. The necklace is the best part, and I forgot to get a close-up pic of it. Dang it! Oh well. Next time!

In other news, I’d like to have a little chat about bras today, okay?! If you’re a guy who just accidentally stumbled onto this site, you probably want to peace out right about now…

I posted this on Instagram recently and thought it was a good way to start this little talk:


“Every time I go to VS it takes me back to my college days when I worked there and had nightmares about folding undies. And that one day my parents came by the store to see me, and I was wearing a tiara. They were like, “Whyyyyy are you wearing a crown? At work?” And I was super excited to tell them I was The Bra Queen, because I always sold the most bras! Pretty sure that was one of their most proud parenting moments!”

Yeah. So because of my Bra Queen history, I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject. And even though there are always surveys and studies saying that most women wear the wrong bra size, I just assumed those were clueless women who also still wear scrunchies. So imagine my surprise when I went to Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago and found out I was wearing the wrong size! What?!? I’m still letting it all sink in. 🙂 Sure, it had been about two years since I bought new ones, but still. I was wearing a band size too big and two cup sizes too small. What the heck? How embarrassing for a former Bra Queen! So here’s what I want to tell you today, “Go get fitted for a bra! ASAP!!!” You’re probably wearing the wrong size too! I mean, if it can happen to a Bra Queen…

Bras stretch out over time. Even if, like me, you never put them in the dryer. Even Kingston knows my bras do not go in the dryer! But they still get stretched and worn out. No one will tell you when it’s time for new ones, so here I am whispering it in your ear. “Pssst – Go buy some new bras.” Keep one or two of your old ratty ones for around the house, but throw out the rest and start over. You will thank me when you look in the mirror. You might even have a “Dang! I look good” moment. You’re welcome. 🙂

And here are a few tips from me to you to help you on your quest to find the perfect bra. You know, because I care:

Go to Victoria’s Secret and ask for the Bra Specialist. Do not settle for anything less. If she’s not there, come back another day. Here’s why: every VS store has a Bra Specialist, someone who is management level and trained extensively in how to fit clients for bras. They know what they are doing. What you don’t want is to get stuck with a girl who is just working at the store over the holidays or summer break. When I walked in the store a few weeks ago and someone asked how she could help, I said, “I’d like to chat with your best bra girl.” And she led me to the Bra Specialist. The girl was awesome! Not only did she get my size right, but she helped me find the perfect bra. I had been wearing the VS Very Sexy collection forever, but they just weren’t fitting me right anymore. Even after we figured out the right size! So I told her what I didn’t like about my current bras, and she came back with a T-Shirt Bra for me to try. It was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. My shirts look so much better. I bought two and am going back for more this week! I hugged her when I left.

PS – If you prefer to buy lingerie at a department store, do the same thing. Ask to see the bra expect. They should have one too! And if you don’t like to pay VS prices, go get fitted there then head over to Target once you know your correct size. But I really think they’re worth the price!

PPS – If you’re local, go to the VS at the St Johns Towncenter and ask for Denise.


  1. I have to say, ever since you told me to go to VS and get fitted (and I did!) I was amazed at what a difference it makes!!! Some of the best, practical advice ever from the Bra Queen, haha! I even passed on your advice to my sister who also went to VS to get fitted! She was amazed as well as how great a fitting job they do! We both were wearing the wrong size!!(: Love this post and I love your outfit! Def post a close up of the necklace next time because I want to see it!<3

  2. Oh heck Lyndsay! I hope Sara Lynn doesn’t read this???? I can hear her now…I read Lyndsay’s blog, she said I need a new Bra….or two???? The girl will do anything for a trip to VS!

  3. Cute blog ..I've only wore a real bra twice since being diagnosed with breast cancer. .I started wearing a sports bra to deal with the pain from biopsies. .I also wore the wrong size at one point..I will get fitted again after all my surgery is done..for now I wear sports bra and could care less if it shows..though I only have one new one I must buy more! I need a pink one 🙂 my other bras are lost somewhere in my closet. .great post lyndsay…and reminder while you are buying these new bras check your boobies…1 in 8 women will get breast cancer.

  4. Lyndsay love to read your blog and this is so true at any age!!! Very important advice! Keep those boobies up

  5. I also definitely recommend Soma for women who have larger frames and bigger cup sizes. They have specialists as well! I always hated wearing bras until I went there! I had no idea a bra could be comfortable! And being a double D with a toddler — it’s important for me to be comfortable!

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