A case for the Bolo Tie

Bolo Tie

A couple years ago I accidentally started collecting bolo ties. You know I’m a hard core thrift/antique store shopper, and one day I was digging through my favorite booth at a local antique mall when I came across the coolest bolo tie I’d ever seen. It was silver and covered in gaudy gemstones, and I HAD to have it. Then the next thing I knew I started finding fun bolo ties every time I went thrifting. I’m sure they’d always been there. I’d just never noticed. But after I bought that first one and my eyes were opened to this new accessory genre I started seeing them everywhere! As you’re reading this, you may be thinking about old men in western movies, country singers from the 1970s, or Texas oil tycoons. But I’m here to make a case that the bolo tie is the perfect, underrated accessory we’ve all been missing. They’re unexpected, quirky and fun. And they look especially good with collared button ups (in my expert bolo tie option!) Yes, I’m now an expert in this area! If I’ve convinced you to give this accessory a try, but you don’t love hunting for treasure as much as I do, have no fear! I’ve found some of the coolest bolo ties on the internet and posted them below JUST FOR YOU! And if you came here just to find out where to get this pink flannel blazer, I linked it below too! 🙂

Bolo TieBolo TieBolo TieBolo Tie