The $24 Combat Boots

I didn’t really want any combat boots.

I mean, I made it all the way through the 90s without buying a pair, so they didn’t tempt me too much this go-around. Then we went to London, and all the cool moms were wearing Dr. Martens. So naturally, I had to have a pair. I went searching, and since I’ve reached the age where cheap shoes WILL NOT DO I wasn’t deterred by the price tags. Clearly they were worth it. The cool British moms thought so!

But then I tried on a pair and felt like there were bricks on my feet. Why are they so heavy? Is this why all the strange grunge kids from the 90s walked weird? Thankfully I don’t give up easily, so I went home and searched for “combat boots that look just like Doc Martens but don’t feel like bricks on your feet.” My search resulted in a pair of boots that did indeed look just like the boots I wanted. But I was a little concerned, because they were only $24. And as I mentioned earlier, I don’t do cheap shoes anymore. They hurt and don’t last. Total waste! But I talked myself into the cheap knock-off Docs by promising if they were uncomfortable I’d return them.

This is the moment you’re here for… you need to know that these boots are so comfortable! I don’t regret this cheap shoe purchase AT ALL. Although I do feel a bit like a fraud when someone says, “Nice Docs!” But I also feel like a cool British mom, and that’s way more important.

Here’s a link to the boots. I ordered my regular size, and the fit is perfect!