Sunshine Magazine Feature

Have you seen Sunshine Magazine yet? They’ve just released their 3rd issue, and I’m so honored to be a part of it! Check out my interview in the beautiful magazine here. Sunshine has quickly become one of my favorite online mags, and it’s headquartered just north of me in Brunswick, Georgia! Small world!

I love how they describe their readers:

“Sunshine readers are up to date, quick-witted and never boring. They are travelers who take the back roads, effortless trendsetters, and lovers of good conversation. They are recyclers who love local food and fresh produce. They are moms who wear big earrings, cute sandals and refuse to let themselves go. They aren’t afraid of making a mess or going to a lot of trouble for the sake of a party. They appreciate art and nice bags. They laugh. They long for the outdoors. In a world where we read so much bad news and over-produced “reality,” Sunshine Magazine hopes to offer a bright perspective on everyday life.”

If that sounds like you, then go check it out. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

And can I just say how happy I am to be back among the living?!? I spent most of last week in bed. It was SO BAD. But when I finally made it out to the couch in the living room I actually got a lot of work done. Updating my portfolio site was at the top of my list (has been for about a year!), so I made a lot of changes over there. Some of my 2013 clients will recognize yourselves. 😉 Go take a look around and maybe send a link to your friends and family while you’re there?