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I love to shop! Getting dressed and putting outfits together is so much fun to me, especially when the outfits are for Kingston. Ha! He…

I love to shop! Getting dressed and putting outfits together is so much fun to me, especially when the outfits are for Kingston. Ha! He doesn’t really care what he wears yet and gets excited about dressing up and looking “handsome.” So I’m enjoying playing dress up with him while it lasts! (Leave me alone. I have one kid. He happens to be a boy. And I need to play dress up, so…) The only downside is when I go on a mission to find something really specific. It’s over. Nothing else will do. I don’t like to settle, and that makes things tricky, because I can’t always find what I’m looking for at the mall. And shopping at boutiques in our area is usually disappointing. Kingston and I walked the entire mall a few weeks ago looking for a pair of shoes for him. I could see them in my head, but none of the stores had them. Ugh! This is why I’ve come to love shopping online. Y’all. You can find ANYTHING online and the best part is that if you visit website like, you can easily find coupon codes, I was recently able to find a great macys promo code! Sometimes friends even ask me to search for things for them too. I’m telling you, me and Google are a good team!

So in the spirit of shopping and putting outfits together, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite places to shop online for little boys.

H&M – This is probably my favorite online shop for Kingston. We go to the actual store sometimes, but now that they sell on their website I usually just buy everything there. I’ve found that our local store sells out of stuff pretty quickly, but I can almost always find it online. Their pants fit my tall skinny boy great, but the sizing is a little weird. For pants and shorts we have to go down one size, but the shirts have a more standard fit. And I buy almost all of Kingston’s skinny jeans from the girl’s section here.

Zara – Zara is kind like H&M’s older, cooler, more refined cousin. Ha! I get a lot of shirts from this store, and they last forever. By the time he outgrows them they still have a ton of wear left. The quality is my favorite thing about Zara. And the shoes. Those are my other favorite thing. And their jeans fit really well too!

Target – We go to Target at least twice a week, but I rarely shop for kid’s clothes in the store. It’s easier to do it at home in front of my computer with no child in the giant cart saying he wants to “Go look at the toys!” We have a Target card, so shipping is free, and we get a whopping 5% off. I’ll take it! I usually only find a few shirts here and there, but this spring have come across a lot of goodies! The only downside to buying from Target is that every other kid we run into has on the same outfit. 🙂

Baby Gap – Best jeans ever! They always have fun, on-trend accessories too.

JC Penney – Yes. I’m serious. You know how I said Kingston and I walked the entire mall looking for shoes? Our very last desperate stop was JC Penney. I hadn’t been to that store in years, but a babysitter had just mentioned that she saw some great kid’s stuff there. I found the exact shoes I was looking for. And they were so cheap! A few stops before that I had almost settled for a pair that were three times as much as these. And as we were headed to the check-out counter I spotted a bunch of cute clothes too! But I was too exhausted to look. Next time we’re at the mall I’ll check it out, and I’m also packing some energy bars to keep up with my shopping buddy! Or maybe I’ll just eat my energy bar in front of the computer…

Etsy – Oh, Etsy! You are my other favorite. I know. I have like 5 favorites, but this site has the best toddler accessories. And I love supporting small businesses! I’ve found cute bow-ties, suspenders and hats here.

Okay – This could get really long and drawn out, so that’s it for today!
I picked out a few favorite pieces from some of these stores and added links at the bottom of the post if you’re interested.
Happy Shopping!

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1. Seersucker Blazer
2. Aviators
3. Grey Tennis Shoes
4. Green Chinos
5. Stripe T-Shirt

k style4

6. Fedora
7. Tank Tops
8. Mint Skinny Pants
9. Chambray Tennis Shoes

k style2
10. Leopard Tennis Shoes
11. Hoodie
12. Acid Washed Jeans
13. Citron Shorts

k style3

14. Button T-Shirt
15. Baseball Cap
16. Sunglasses
17. Skinny Denim Shorts
18. Running Shoes


  1. You were not meant to live in jacksonville. When we lived in cali all the kids had a really laid back style but i feel like people here look at my kids like they’re/we’re weird. way to be ahead of the curve!

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