Outfit of the Week


My Grandma Shirl was the linen queen. She rocked it like no one else all summer long. I love it too, and when I saw this skirt at the thrift store I thought of her and had to buy it. But we all know the problem with linen, right? Yeah. Both times I’ve worn it I’ve looked like I put it on then rolled around on the living room floor for 30 minutes. One big wrinkled hot mess! Grandma had a secret to keeping her linen clothes wrinkle free for as long as possible. If she was going somewhere special she’d plan to arrive early. Then she’d wear something she could quickly change out of and hang her linen dress/skirt/blazer in the back of her SUV. When she arrived she’d pop into the bathroom and do a quick change into her still wrinkle-free outfit. Tada! No seat belt lines, or “accidentally sat on it weird” lines. Just a crisp linen outfit. One of these days I’ll adopt her methods. But for now I’m just gonna keep walking around proudly with my “I obviously have a toddler” wrinkly skirt. 🙂