Outfit of the Week

People say this to me all the time: “I love that outfit… but I could NEVER pull it off.”
And when I ask them, “why the heck not?” they’re usually like, “uuuummmmmm.”

Here’s the thing. I think anybody can pull off just about anything (other than pajama jeans) as long as they wear it with confidence. Seriously. If you think you look good, and you feel good, then high five to you! Sometimes I know my outfits are a little much, but who cares? Fashion is supposed to be fun, and I have fun getting dressed! One way I do this is by mixing patterns. I think it adds more interest to an outfit. If you’re a little scared of pattern mixing, here’s a tip: Keep the patterns in the same color family. I paired these black and grey leopard print socks with the plaid vest and blazer because all three pieces have black and gray and the outfit is pretty neutral overall… with a punch of bright red! And the socks show just enough. Try mixing it up a little. Just make sure your pieces are all in a similar color family!

In other news: Kingston doesn’t really understand the idea of dressing up for Halloween, so he’s said no to everything we’ve tried to buy.
Lighting McQueen? No
Super Hero? No
French Fry? No
Curious George? No
Uncle Don? No

So… we might be trick-or-treating as a drumming obsessed toddler. 🙂