outfit of the week

Sweater – Anthropologie
Tank Top – Target
Jeggings – Marshalls
Boots – Steve Madden


-Parents’ Night Out. Every quarter our church does this. It’s basically babysitting (for 3 hours on a Friday night) for a good cause. Everyone keeping the kids is raising money for various Mission Journeys, so you tip them at the end of the night. We love Parents’ Night Out. I mean, it’s totally selfless of us. We just do it to support missions.

-Working again. I took some time of to finish this website and just did my first photoshoot in what felt like forever. It was so much fun!

-Having friends in our house this week.

This sermon from David Nassar. Challenging, encouraging message of salvation. (Click “Listen” next to the title “Today you wil join me in paradise.”) Good Stuff!



– Growing out bangs. Wasn’t cute when I was 7; isn’t cute now.

– Anderson keeps hinting that he wants another baby. What the WHAT? We had a deal, Mister.

– Kingston doesn’t really like solid food (other than goldfish snacks and peanut butter crackers-thanks Grandma). I’m having nightmares about him going on his first date and taking his favorite Gerber Veggie Risotto with Cheese for his dinner. I will have failed as a mother for sure.

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