1. Sister. If you are being committed, i”ll be in the same room with you. I’m the SAME WAY. I am way too concerned with the details and the goings ons and the whys. As I was reading the other night in Jesus Calling, It was about just BEING. And it came to the verse about Mary and Martha. I am Martha TO A T. TO A FAULT actually. It’s just who we are. And it’s ok. It’s really ok when we recognize it. Because we can see areas that need improvement. My area is just being. I need to be able to just be. Let the ‘stuff’ go. Let the details come and go…because me stressing, analyzing, worrying over them, only gets ME in a bind. And ME in a bind is NOT GOOD. We’re talking stomach ache anxiety here, folks. It’s NO BUENO. Anyways…my lesson is trying to become more like Martha. Just sit at the feet of Jesus and be willing to let Him show you how it’s going to play out. Love you sister! SO MUCH! You aren’t crazy! I promise!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Okay Annie. We’re the same person. 🙂 Because Mary really bothers me. I mean, she needs to get up and do something already! Ha! No. You’re right. I need to read that story tonight. Thank you!!!

  2. I know what ails you because I have a similar (but not identical) sickness. LITTLE DOG SYNDROME. We’re small. And scrappy, like little dogs. Think about it. Carl + Anderson = huge. They’re gentle giants…. like Great Danes.

  3. I loved being totally blindsided by a beautiful outfit then a comparison to Jason Bourne. That was AWESOME. I love you! And I really like your Jason Bourne super skills. You’re secretly a spy, aren’t you? Ha! So next time, I want to walk into a room with you so you can tell me this interesting stuff… Teasing. As moms, we are ultra-protective. If someone wants to hurt or say something ill towards one of my babies, then forget the worst Nazi torturers on the planet – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! That mama bear comes roaring out of me. I think that’s normal. Anyways, your eye and ear for details sound to me like a gift – use it! How? I have no idea. It all makes you an awesome mama and I don’t blame you at all. You’re not crazy. You’re just who God created you to be and He’s not finished with you yet.

  4. WOW! that is amazing. the perfect amount of glitter, glam, and posh. everything fits together very well. I love how you mixed tribal with modern diva style!

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