Outfit of the Week

Dress and Belt: Forever 21
Clutch, Tights, Shoes, and Bracelets: Target

Sometimes you just have to pull over behind a fast food restaurant after church and take some outfit pictures. 🙂

One of the things I like about our church is that you can dress however you want and feel comfortable there. It’s really close to a beach, so most people are pretty casual (shorts and flip flops). But I never feel out of place when I dress up, and sometimes I even wear jeans. What?!? When I was a kid we sometimes visited a family member’s church, and my brother and I always dreaded it. Not because we didn’t enjoy the church. We just didn’t like that we had to get all dressed up. It was uncomfortable. I know some people think you should wear your best to church. I respect that, but I just don’t think Jesus cares!