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I feel like I should be heading out on a safari… or at least driving the train at the local zoo. Vest: Converse T-shirt: J….

I feel like I should be heading out on a safari… or at least driving the train at the local zoo.
Vest: Converse
T-shirt: J. Crew
Jeans: Kohl’s – They are basically giving these pants away!!!
Shoes: Target -These are on clearance too!

This is completely unrelated, but we’re going to visit Anderson’s family soon, and I need a little advice from moms who’ve successfully traveled with toddlers… preferably without taking Prozac. Not that it’s completely out of the question! We usually leave Kingston at Camp Grandparents when we travel anywhere involving airplanes but thought it would be weird to visit family without him-ha! So, give it to me moms. What’s your best trick for flying with a little one?!?


  1. Lots of patience, plenty of snacks/drinks, some form of entertainment (Bella likes cartoons on the “t” or as we grown folk call it “t.v.”), she’s even happy with games on the phone, sometimes I will get in the back with her and entertain her. Oh, and singing, she likes when the family sings together. Good luck, traveling with little ones isn’t really fun, but I’m sure the King will be great;)

  2. Check Pinterest – there are some great ideas on there. When I flew with Culver at 14 months I bought an 8 pack of goodie bags and tons of stuff from the $1 aisle at Target plus new junk food snacks he’d never had before (like fruit snacks). I packed each baggie with a couple of things that he’d never seen before and pulled out a new one each hour of the trip. I also bought the little boxes of cereal which were a huge hit. If you’re going to try Benadryl I recommend trying it at home first…it had the opposite effect on Culver and I was very glad I tried it at home!

  3. Check out Cup of Jo. Her blogs has a lot of great tips about traveling as she travels with her toddler son on airplanes often. Even a fun tip about having you and your spouse sitting in two different rows because little ones like to be up and about and so this way that can go back and forth for a change of scenery.

  4. Leave him with Poppa. I’ll take a week off. We will ride on tractors, eat hot dogs, feed cows, eat hamburgers, go for rides in big trucks, eat bacon, shoot guns, and eat steak and ice cream. Then, we’ll come home so Grandma can change his diaper.

  5. The trick for us is snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. I had to fly with my son last month (he was 15 months) and I recited his favorite book to him over and over and gave him snacks. He is captivated by it. I say recite because I put it away when he started to want to rip the pages. Even reciting it he was mesmerized. He would just stare at me the whole time like it was the best. story. ever. I’m sure people thought I was a weirdo but hearing “Pete the Cat” a hundred times is probably preferable to a screaming toddler.

    Another thought…do you have an iPad? Maybe a downloadable movie or TV show he likes. They also have different interactive apps for toddlers that he might like. Even an iPhone would be good for that. I’m sure you will find something that works. I hope you enjoyed this book I wrote for you 🙂

  6. You are too cute! all the dang time! Can you please come shop with me and overhaul my closet?!?!! seriously!!!!! please!!!!

    travel with toddlers.

    lots of snack
    plan flights around nap time
    stickers! lots of stickers! and a plain art pad to put them in. easton could stick stickers in a book for hours!

    we went to Chicago with Easton when he was a little over a year old. he did fine. It was a short flight, but I stressed over it and he was just fine! I”m sure K will be great too!

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