My Favorite Sneakers

pastel airforce 1

This post is dedicated to my love for sneakers.

If you’ve been around awhile you know that most days I choose them over any other shoe style. And I unequivocally believe they look good with everything from athleisure to formal wear! I like that they’re comfortable, but that’s probably one of the last reasons I reach for them over other styles. I’m really just all about the effortless, casual factor they bring to any look. The “Yeah, I don’t take myself too seriously” vibe. 🙂 A few weeks ago I reached the ultimate dorky-suburban-mom-trying-to-be-cool high when another mom reached out to me on Instagram asking where I got the Air Force 1 shoes I’m wearing in the picture above, because her TEENAGE SON wants a pair. That’s it. I’ve arrived. And it’s all downhill from here.

Anyway, if you want to join my completely unofficial sneaker club, here are a few of my favorites on the internet right now!