Life Lately – The Cell Phone Pic Version

Left: Happy fall, y’all. Right: Had the BEST day with my little partner. We had a picnic at one of our fav parks – right…


Left: Happy fall, y’all.
Right: Had the BEST day with my little partner. We had a picnic at one of our fav parks – right on the beach. When I took this pic we were sitting at Sonic waiting for a “green drink.” I told Kingston to look over at the camera, and he said, “Sorry Mom. I’m zoning.”


Left: Today was “show and tell.” We took drum sticks.
Right: Randomly re-pierced my ears the other night. I can’t even remember how many there were, but I could only get two on one side and three on the other. Anderson was freaking out the whole time-threatening to puke and worrying about infection. #highschoolalloveragain


Left: Good thing about Anderson working late: I don’t have to share dinner. Bad thing about Anderson working late: Everything else.
Right: Lunch date at Kingston’s school.


Left: Just assembling a few chandeliers in the Chets Worship office. I only ended up with one bloody finger! I keep forgetting to post some pics of the final stage design. Note to self: Take pictures during the sermon Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚
God doesn’t call the qualified; God qualifies the called. Lately I’ve felt completely unqualified to be in a lot of situations I’ve found myself in. Actually, unqualified is an understatement! (Add inexperienced, immature, and unskilled to the list.) Thankfully none of that matters, because what I do know is that God has called me here “for such a time as this.”


Left: Lunch date with Auntie Becky. She always brings gifts!
Right: Coffee Drinkers of the World – I have good news for you! Chick-fil-A sent me some vouchers to try their new coffee, and it’s good stuff. They’ve partnered with Thrive Farmers Coffee – the first time a fast food chain has offered a specialty-grade coffee. But now I keep finding my car in the drive-thru and don’t remember how I got there.


Left: This purchase sounded like a great idea in the store. #smallcarbigproblem
Right: I’d like to request that he stay 3 forever! #threenager


Left: I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of this man than I was this night. Instead of phoning it in at 60-yrs-old and “doing things like they’ve always been done” he (and his awesome team) is losing his religion and sharing about amazing grace. Grace that is greater than all our sin! I’m so inspired and encouraged. Love you, Pops!!!
Kingston and Charlotte are on their way to work. These two are hilarious.


Left: Back when I was doing my scientific research. ๐Ÿ™‚
Right: If we nailed the family pic all the time there’d be no fun in trying!


Left: BOO!
Right: This is the beautiful Bride-to-Be who had me speak at her shower!


Left: I’m made energy bites (or protein bites, or energy balls) -whatever you like to call them. ๐Ÿ™‚ And my house was full of LOUD music. Perfect Sunday with friends and fam.
Right: Kingston and Spike’s Great Adventure. — When I was a senior in HS my Grandpa died, so my Dad got a puppy to help cheer my Mom up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Never thought that dog would be around long enough for my kid to terrorize him. Ha!


Left: Hangin’ at the kiddie pool in Orlando. With dried throw-up in my hair. You know. Just living the dream.
Right: I was taking this pic when Anderson (in true Anderson form) said, “Let’s stay another night!” I love how that guy loves life. ๐Ÿ™‚


Left: “Gettin’ cozy at The Cone!”
Right: We weren’t feeling the magic at Animal Kingdom. Then we ate a gluttonous meal and rode a water ride. That’s more like it!!


Left: He sat through Girls Lunch like a boss, so I thought a treat was in order.
Right: ๐Ÿ™‚


Left: We spent last Sunday helping out at our church’s new Nocatee campus.
Right: Bad: He’s enough like me to be a 3-yr-old eye roller with an attitude. Good: He’s enough like Anderson to tell on himself for having an attitude.


Left: Rain at the Jax Beach pier.
Right: Show & Tell v2.0.


  1. I'm angry that the Foye family isn't in any of your "life via cell phone pics" posts any longer! I accept the blame for that. It just means that we don't hang out enough. That needs to change!!!!!!!

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