How to Style Bike Shorts

How to style bike shortsAre you team bike shorts or no?!

It took my a while to get on the bike shorts bandwagon, because I hate the idea of wearing gym clothes as street clothes. Just a personal preference, but I’m not a fan! Also, pictures of Kim Kardashian wearing them out on the town with crop tops and heels really made me want to pivot hard from the trend. 🙂 But then I started seeing people style them in a way I really liked, so I gave them a try! And now I’m hooked. I may never wear clothes with zippers again.

So I wanted to share the easiest way to incorporate them into your fall wardrobe this year!

It’s a simple outfit structure: bike shorts + long t-shirt (The long part is obviously important. We don’t even need to go into this.) + relaxed fit blazer + sneakers!

And we now have our fall uniform.

How to style bike shortsHow to style bike shortsHow to style bike shortsHow to style bike shorts