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  Good: – The never ending battle over food continues in our house. Sometimes Kingston still has no interest in eating, and when he does,…

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– The never ending battle over food continues in our house. Sometimes Kingston still has no interest in eating, and when he does, his list of approved foods is really small. I’m convinced he loves the drama of it all. He even holds his nose at the dinner table and dramatically declares that our food is “Grossing him out.” Some days it stresses me out and some days I don’t even care. Then there are the days when we’re sitting in a restaurant, and I watch as the kid at the table next to us DRINKS KETCHUP WITH A STRAW. I like those days. Those are the ones that remind me that while we might not have it all together, we could be dealing with a ketchup drinker.

– Have you  seen the Advanced Style documentary on Netflix? Oh, it’s a good one! The documentary “profiles seven stylish New York City seniors who disprove the notion that advanced years and glamor are mutually exclusive.” I loved watching each woman confidently describe her style, specially the one who used her own bright red hair to make her fake eyelashes! For even more inspiration (and laughs!), there’s also an Advanced Style blog that features these fabulous women along with a lot of others.

– I asked Kingston if he needed anything (meaning a drink, snack), and he said, “Yes. I need a fist-bump.” And speaking of drink, every time he has a drink that he really enjoys he smacks his lips and says, “Mmmm. Tastes Presbyterian!” I have NO idea.


– I always wear a hat and sunglasses when we’re out in the sun. If not, I get a killer headache. But I forgot my hat when we went to the beach last week, so I came home with a headache and a sunburn right along my hairline. Did you know that when the sunburn along your hairline starts to peel it looks like dandruff? Indeed!

– The IRS says we didn’t pay enough taxes last year. Which is weird, because I say we did. I think we should be able to settle these types of issues with a good ‘ole debate. I’m certain I would win this one.

– Kingston told us, “It smells like vegan lasagna in my shoe. Seriously. I picked it up, and it smelled like vegan lasagna.” That kid has no idea what lasagna smells like, vegan or not. All I know is I don’t want to smell that shoe.

– If Anderson ever gets a tattoo it will be the dimensions of the filters for our air conditioner. Is it 18x20x1? Is it 17x21x1? UGH! We can never remember!


  1. My oldest ate Fruit Loops and Eggo Waffles for his first 5 years. My dad banned him from going out to eat with him in public at age 2. On a dare, my youngest took his diaper off in his sisters first grade class and danced on the table. Thankfully it wasn't "loaded". Glad you are writing this stuff down because it makes for great stories for now and later! Love you!

  2. Girl, I actually LOL’D at this! Yes, you must keep these posts for a future book to embarrass your kid with when he grows up. Or perhaps when he is a teenager. HA!

  3. WOW! I lot in your “plate”!
    Thanks for the tip on the documentary; I think I need to see it!
    Just remind Anderson that a tatoo is forever… have one of those bubble gun ones and keep it for a week to check and see if that’s what he really wants… (LOL).

    Kingston is a genius!

    Love you all,


  4. Thank you for sharing all this today. I sure did need a good laugh. I love the "tastes Presbyterian" LOL Its a good thing he didn't smell my shoe LOL I really like your red shoes. Do they come in "wide". 🙂 ha ha ha

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