Good. Not-So-Good.


– Your encouragement and prayers yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We seriously have some of the best friends and family in the world, and we’re blessed to walk through life with all of you… even from a distance in many cases! My follow-up appointment with the neurosergeon wasn’t supposed to be until next Monday, but Anderson called him to see if we could somehow talk with him before the day was over yesterday. (I’ve mentioned before how much we love that man. He’s the best! In fact, he’s leaving Mayo Clinic this month, so we are too.) Anyway, he was kind enough to get back with us and let us know that there is no change in my brain tumor. It’s now been a year with no change at all. I’m considered stable. This is good news! No treatment. No surgery. Just more monitoring… we can do that! Thank you for praying. I felt so much peace yesterday. It really should have been a stressful day but it wasn’t. There’s no explanation for that… except God.

– We’ve had some friends in town from Nashville. And had so much fun that we were happy when their flight was cancelled and they got stuck with us for an extra day. šŸ™‚ We spent the entire time they were here outside. And I’m so glad we took advantage, because it’s been cold and rainy every since. That sunshine was the best!

– And… Anderson got another new job! Ha – he’s decided to make a career out of job-hopping. The opportunity (working for a production company!) totally came from nowhere and was way too good to pass up.

This book. My Dad read it then gave me a copy, and I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s written by a missionary, under a fake name, and is full of stories about Christians facing persecution for their faith. Here’s a short video about it if you’re interested.


– The collective “NOOOOOOOO” heard all over Disney’s Frontierland when Kingston tried to scrape a piece of gum off the ground for a little snack. All parents within ear shot couldn’t help but yell at him! We’re working on this. We’ll get it figured out right after we nail down potty training!