7 Easy Recipes For Your Week Night Rotation

Anderson loves to eat! And he’s pretty easy to please, so I could probably make the same meals every single week. The problem is me….


Anderson loves to eat! And he’s pretty easy to please, so I could probably make the same meals every single week. The problem is me. I get bored easily with food, so I’m always looking for new recipes to try. Some of them turn out great, and some are disasters. But I keep trying! I really don’t enjoy cooking and would rather spend my time almost anywhere else other than my kitchen, but I think the secret to hating it less is mixing things up and staying out of a rut. So I want to share a few of our favorite easy recipes with you. Maybe you can add a few to your own week night rotation! All of these dishes are delicious, easy and, easily adaptable. Those are my requirements for any recipe. Especially the adaptable part, because I’m often missing an ingredient or two!

And he’s a little helpful hint: when we’re eating really clean I’ll just switch out the grain in any dish for brown rice or quinoa. Although I’ve finally given in to the fact that whole wheat pasta is disgusting, and have vowed to never make my family eat it again. 🙂 For more of our favorite recipes, you can follow me on Pinterest where I’m constantly adding new dishes to my food board!


  1. BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza
    I love BBQ chicken pizza. It’s a flavor explosion-ha! This version is super easy and delish.
    Sometimes I swap out the french bread for a pre-made Publix bakery pizza crust or even Naan flatbread.


2. Pesto Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus
I actually use smoked sun-dried tomatoes in this. And with the combo of the smoked flavor and the slightly crispy asparagus,
Anderson thought this dish had bacon in it. I call it my secret “dinner of lies.” 🙂


3. Teriyaki Chicken & Rice Casserole


4. Orzo Salad with Tomatoes, Basil, and Feta
This recipe is just as good with quinoa!


5. Chicken Pesto Sandwich


6. Avocado Basil Pasta


7. Greek Tortellini Salad


Slow Cooker “Everything” Chicken
And if you’re looking at these easy recipes thinking, “But…. where’s the meat???”
this chicken (and the balsamic roast beef below) goes great with the meatless recipes above.


Balsamic Roast Beef

Does your family have any weeknight favorites? If so, you can share them with everyone by leaving a link in the comments!






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    What a nerd.
    Because obviously, your food pix would be better ;))
    your friend, Traci

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