How to Take Better Pics for Instagram

I love Instagram! It’s definitely my favorite social media platform. There’s a lot of talk about how it can be negative, but if you only follow accounts that inspire you, it really is a fun outlet!

Years ago (not long after King was born), I started using Instagram as my own personal online scrapbook. And over the years it has become the biggest source of client referrals for my photography business. It’s also lead to sponsorships with agencies, collaborations with other small businesses, and even partnerships with hotels all over the country! And most importantly, it’s become a place for me to share my family’s highlights and struggles-kind of a mini-blog!

So I decided to tell you everything I know about improving your photography skills in my “How to Take Better Pictures for Instagram” guide. If you’re a small business owner using the platform to promote your business, this guide is for you. And if you’re a mom wanting to take and share awesome pics of your kids, it’s for you too! The guide has 10 tips for taking and posting better pics, AND I’m telling you how I edit my images for Instagram! My goal with this guide is to give you some tips and tricks for creating beautiful, engaging images that you will be proud to share and that your followers will look forward to seeing!

You can grab your copy here!