8 Books to Help Grow Your Faith

I have another book round up for you! This one focuses on books to help grow your faith in Jesus. But let me state the obvious before we get into the list: there is no book that will grow your faith more than the Bible. It’s God’s love letter to his people, so if you want to get closer to him, read his word! I don’t read Christian books as part of my devotion time. They’re great. I mean, I am recommending some to you. šŸ˜‰ But they’re not a replacement for the Bible. You all probably know this and totally agree, but I wanted to make sure I said it anyway! I don’t read a ton of Christian books, and the ones I do read are usually from authors I already know and love. So this list is full of favorites that have impacted me over the years!

Love Does – Oh man, I’ve been a Bob Goff fan for years! He’s an incredible story teller, and I think it’s mostly because his life is full of GOOD stories. He sincerely loves the people around him, and that leads to some of the funniest, most over-the-top shenanigans I’ve ever read. He’s a bit of a legend, and at this point, I’ll read anything he writes. I’ve recommended this book to dozens of people over the last two years, and now I’m officially recommending it to you! Stop letting fear hold you back and start loving the people around you, because LOVE DOES!

Everybody Always – This is Bob’s second book. (It’s technically his third though, because his second manuscript was saved on a laptop that was stolen and he had to completely start over.) This one is written differently from Love Does, and a few people have told me they think it’s a slow read. But I’m telling you… it gets so good! From about midway to the end I couldn’t put it down. And I was encouraged and challenged to love Everyone Always, even the most difficult people (like me!)

The Power of a Praying Wife – I got this book as a wedding gift and put it away, because I didn’t need it. I had everything figured out! Then a couple of years ago Anderson and I went through some HARD marriage stuff, and I remembered this book that was hidden away on the back of a shelf. So I dusted it off and started reading/praying through it everyday, and I haven’t stopped! I just keep starting over and praying through it again and again. And I can tell you that along with a great counselor and some legit friends, God has used this book to change our marriage and most importantly, to change me! Stormie (the author) is super old-school to the point that she cracks me up sometimes. But there’s no denying that this lady is serious about the power of prayer, and I’m thankful she wrote this book and the next one…

The Power of a Praying Parent – Basically ditto to everything I said about the previous book, but as it relates to parenting. After I prayed through The Power of a Praying Wife the first time and saw God answering specific prayers, I also dusted off my copy of this one. And I’ve been reading through it ever since. Just trust me, you need both of these!

Friend of Sinners – There was a time when I wouldn’t have picked up this book simply because the author, Rich Wilkerson Jr., epitomizes the term “celebrity pastor” and everything about that life (as I perceived it) turned my stomach. But I’ve realized over the last few years that God can use anyone/anything to speak to me. And I’m thankful for the work he’s done in my judgemental heart that made me want to read this book. The subject is something I’m really passionate about, and while I don’t feel like I learned anything particularly new from this book (mainly because the idea so closely aligns with everything Bob Goff writes), it was so encouraging and another great reminder that as believers we are called to love everyone. Because ya know, Jesus did. šŸ™‚ It also gave me more insight about why Rich intentionally chooses to live his life the way he does. If you have a hard time loving people who don’t live like you/talk like you/vote like you/believe like you get this book! It might just change your life. Also, there’s nothing in the book that I found (to my knowledge!) to be theologically incorrect or counter to God’s Word.

Present Over Perfect – I think I just picked this book up at a time when I needed it most. It’s about being present in our relationships instead of frantically trying to achieve our next goal. The book was refreshing and challenging, and I recommend it to any young mom, especially working moms like me. šŸ™‚ While the entire book is good, there’s a Rumi quote tucked in there somewhere that I haven’t been able to shake ever since I read it: “You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.” #micdrop

The Grave Robber – I’m a big fan of Mark Batterson’s writing. It’s dramatic and detailed, and I’ve enjoyed each one of his books. This one is about the seven miracles in the book of John, but more than that, it’s about Jesus. It reminded me that NOTHING is too far gone for him to redeem and that our most impossible situations are often an opportunity for him to reveal his glory. If you’re in an impossible situation or don’t even believe miracles still happen, pick up this book!

The Circle Maker – Another Batterson book, this one is about dreaming big and praying hard. It will challenge you to pray bigger, bolder prayers around the dreams God has placed in your heart.

Have you read any of these? If so, I’d love to know what you thought of them. And if you’d like more recommendations you can check out more of my favorite Christian books here and lots of thriller/suspense fiction recommendations here!