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It’s been a casual jeans-every-day kind of week. Nothing too exciting, so I thought I’d post two outifts. I do love the shirt on the…

It's been a casual jeans-every-day kind of week. Nothing too exciting, so I thought I'd post two outifts. I do love the shirt on the left though. It's from the Crafty Couture line by Scrapbook. The collection is made up of fun, unique prints and hand-stitched details with a vintage vibe. You can find it at most departemnt stores, some boutiques and Anthropologie.

I keep telling people that I haven't had any food cravings, but that isn't entirely true. Lately, I've been wanting sweets more than usual and have done some things I wouldn't normally do to get them, like:

One day I wanted cinnamon rolls so badly. I can't even remember the last time I had one, but nothing else would do. So I stopped at the most ghetto grocery store I've ever been to just to buy some rolls. Then I went straight home and baked them…and ate TWO.

Then there was the day I wanted something sweet, anything sweet. But I don't keep sweets in the house (other than Anderson's ridiculous ice cream supply), so the cupboard was bare. By some miracle I found a boxed spice cake in the back corner of the pantry. This is really embarrassing, but it was the cake I bought LAST Christmas to make Jesus' birthday cake with. And I never did. I know, I know…shameful. Then I started looking for the ingredients to make icing. We had nothing, but I wasn't above compromise, so when I found a jar of apple butter I got pretty excited. Oh the things I could create with a boxed spice cake and a jar of apple butter! Thankfully, I suddenly realized I was on a slippery slope and put everything back in the pantry, but don't think I've forgotten about it for a minute. I'm saving it for an even more desperate moment.

And then there was this week. Anderson kindly went to the store for cookies AND brownies, because I didn't know which I wanted more. So I thought I'd be healthy and put the brownies in the oven while I went for my evening preggo power walk. Great idea, right?! Burn some calories, so you can eat more. I was proud of my ingenuity. When I got home I decided the cookies sounded good too. So we had brownies, cookies and ice cream. Man it's a good thing I went for that walk. 😉

The pics above are of my friends Brooke and Becky. Brooke is due two days before me. Yeah, I know she looks like she's about two months behind me. I blame it on the fact that she gets really sick when she's pregnant and couldn't keep down food for about the first 4 months of this pregnancy. So, I had quite the head start. It has nothing to do with the stuff I talked about in this post. Nothing at all. 

PS-Just posted more Q and A on formspring…Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. I love your hair with bangs, and when I was pregnant I ate a bag of ruffles potato chips all by myself and tried to blame it on our dog!

  2. I don't think Jesus would mind if you ate His birthday cake. If you don't it might expire and wasting is wrong. HAHA!

  3. ok i know i say this like everytime you post pictures, but you are for serious the absolute cutest pregnant woman EVER. maybe it's because you still have style…idk but you are rocking the whole preggo thing 🙂

  4. Yep if you don't eat Jesus' cake he will be more upset b/c by letting it expire it's ALMOST like telling him you don't appreciate the gifts of food he has bestowed upon you. Or something. 🙂

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