outfit of the week – maternity style

It's been a casual jeans-every-day kind of week. Nothing too exciting, so I thought I'd post two outifts. I do love the shirt on the left though. It's from the Crafty Couture line by Scrapbook. The collection is made up of fun, unique prints and hand-stitched details with a vintage vibe. You can find it at most departemnt stores, some boutiques and Anthropologie.

I keep telling people that I haven't had any food cravings, but that isn't entirely true. Lately, I've been wanting sweets more than usual and have done some things I wouldn't normally do to get them, like:

One day I wanted cinnamon rolls so badly. I can't even remember the last time I had one, but nothing else would do. So I stopped at the most ghetto grocery store I've ever been to just to buy some rolls. Then I went straight home and baked them…and ate TWO.

Then there was the day I wanted something sweet, anything sweet. But I don't keep sweets in the house (other than Anderson's ridiculous ice cream supply), so the cupboard was bare. By some miracle I found a boxed spice cake in the back corner of the pantry. This is really embarrassing, but it was the cake I bought LAST Christmas to make Jesus' birthday cake with. And I never did. I know, I know…shameful. Then I started looking for the ingredients to make icing. We had nothing, but I wasn't above compromise, so when I found a jar of apple butter I got pretty excited. Oh the things I could create with a boxed spice cake and a jar of apple butter! Thankfully, I suddenly realized I was on a slippery slope and put everything back in the pantry, but don't think I've forgotten about it for a minute. I'm saving it for an even more desperate moment.

And then there was this week. Anderson kindly went to the store for cookies AND brownies, because I didn't know which I wanted more. So I thought I'd be healthy and put the brownies in the oven while I went for my evening preggo power walk. Great idea, right?! Burn some calories, so you can eat more. I was proud of my ingenuity. When I got home I decided the cookies sounded good too. So we had brownies, cookies and ice cream. Man it's a good thing I went for that walk. 😉

The pics above are of my friends Brooke and Becky. Brooke is due two days before me. Yeah, I know she looks like she's about two months behind me. I blame it on the fact that she gets really sick when she's pregnant and couldn't keep down food for about the first 4 months of this pregnancy. So, I had quite the head start. It has nothing to do with the stuff I talked about in this post. Nothing at all. 

PS-Just posted more Q and A on formspring…Happy Hump Day!!!