outfit of the week – maternity style

Dress: It's so old that I cannot even remember where I bought it. Houndstooth is one of my favorite prints though.
Black Bow Belt: Betsey Johnson – Love the pictures on her home page right now. She's such a fun, crazy lady!
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Feather Headband: Lyndsay Almeida-ha!
Watch: Gift from my parents.
Popsicles are one of my favorite things to eat right now! It's so hot here.

And a little update:
-I can really feel the baby move a lot now. Especially when Anderson plays guitar-it's fun! The last two times I've been to the doctor they've commented on what an active baby he is. All I can think is "Little Anderson!"

-We get a new bill at least once a week relating to the baby. In fact, the other day I got a bill and a report letting me know that I don't have any STDs. Well, I'm thrilled to hear it, but if I had known I was being tested (and billed) for that I would've opted out. Oh well, at least we know I'm clean. 🙂

-We finally narrowed down nursery decorations, but I vetoed Anderson's favorite idea. He wanted to make it look like the inside of a stomach, so the baby's transition into the world would be a little easier. Is that disturbing or what?!

Oh and I just answered a ton of questions on formspring-some photo related and some personal!