What Our April Looks Like

What Our April Looks Like: Better than our March. That’s for sure! Thank you Jesus! It’s been a sweet month of thanksgiving around here.

for a God who never wastes a hurt
for a little boy who gives sloppy kisses and has a car in his hands 24/7 (preferably Mater or McQueen)
for new beginnings
for a husband who has a gift for keeping things light even in the hardest times
for warm nights and green grass
for health insurance
for hats and head wraps – Humidity isn’t kind to Almeida hair. 🙂
for hope (Romans 5:3-5)
and for family and friends who love like Jesus.

Since it’s “Blog Circle” day head on over to Cass Miller’s blog and click through the whole circle until you end up here again.
It’s a great way to find a new favorite blog or two. 🙂