The Mock Family… at Church

Strange title, huh? 🙂
I’ve worked with this family for several years, and when they told me they wanted to take pictures at church I was like, “Well… okay!”

Here’s the back-story: The Mocks are moving (actually they already have – it happened FAST), and we had planned to do their annual family photo session at home. But Tara told me there was just no way it would work out unless we did the pictures in front of the walls of boxes all over their house. Totally understandable! But she had an idea. She said the one thing the whole family would miss most about Jacksonville was their/our church. Then she asked if I would follow them around on their last Sunday and document “A Day at Chets” for the Mock family. I was immediately in, even though I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I love a good weird/bizarre/different/creative idea! So we met up in the Green Room (Tara is a musician and was on the worship team), and I followed the Mocks around the Chets campus. We found some of their favorite people and made them smile for the camera, went with the kids to say goodbye to their friends in KidWorship, and even got a few shots of Tara playing with the band for the last time.

Okay, writing this out made me feel a little sad. Tara, I hope these pictures make all of you smile when they think about your time here in Jacksonville.
You are already missed!!!

Please note the cray cray photo bomber above. She might be married to the man who delivered my child. 🙂