Thanksgiving in Callahan

We usually spend Thanksgiving at my parents’ house with my brother and his family. It’s really relaxed but completely chaotic at the same time. After lunch we always try to get a family picture for Mom and Dad’s Christmas card. I swear it’s like herding a bunch of deranged cats. And in the end there are 756 out-takes and one half-way decent picture where no one is picking a booger or wedgie. We consider that a success.

I don’t usually contribute much to big family dinners. I’m willing but not exactly eager so… the Almeidas usually do drinks, breads, appetizers. You know. The really important stuff. But this year my Mom must have been desperate, because she asked me to do desserts. So I decided to just jump in and attempt Momofuku Milk Bar’s Crack Pie! Remember when Anderson and I went on and on and on about it in NYC? I was looking at having one shipped here, but realized it would cost $80. Bummer! But then I came across the recipe online and decided to be a big girl and try to make it. And it turned out just like the real deal. You should try it for Christmas dinner. Your family will thank you, and you’ll thank me. Here’s the recipe. Also made my old standby, Butter Cake. 🙂