Spoil Your Mom Day

We spent Mother’s Day afternoon at my parents’ house. Every year my Dad cooks (orders in), so my Mom, Sister-n-Law, and I don’t have to cook on our big day. He also sent the 3 of us shopping last weekend AND babysat. Talk about taking one for the team! Anderson and Kingston gave me some fun presents (this necklace, this print, some custom Kingston Almeida art, and a mysterious gift that is being delivered today!) and we spent Saturday at the beach. Not a bad “Spoil Your Mom” weekend!

My brother has ALWAYS made fun of the way I dress. This picture makes it clear that he is the true fashionista in the family. I’ll never doubt his critiques again.

When Don was a kid my Mom always told him, “I hope you have twins who act just like you one day!” This pic speaks for itself. šŸ™‚

Kingston playing trucks with “Gwamma and Quampa.”

After lunch there was some tackle soccer, lawn mowing, and chicken feeding.

Crazy people.