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Hey y’all! Happy Hump Day! I’ve made some exciting changes over here in Pink Coffee World and wanted to take a minute to catch you…

Hey y’all! Happy Hump Day!
I’ve made some exciting changes over here in Pink Coffee World and wanted to take a minute to catch you up on what’s happening this year.

1. Okay, this is the part I’m most excited about! I’m now officially offering “A Day in the Life” packages. Yay! This is something I’ve wanted offer for a long time but really wanted to do it right, so it took a while to get all the details worked out. Remember last month when I shared my “Day in the Life of the Habeck Family” with you? I flew up to stay with them for a weekend and got to shoot their typical Saturday morning at home. And I came home so re-charged. This might have been from all the good food they fed me too, but it was mostly because I realized how much I LOVE the idea of taking pictures of a family in their own home, doing what they do. It’s messy, and it’s beautiful. And it makes me so happy to freeze those real moments. I came home and went to work figuring out the logistics… So here’s what a typical “Day in the Life” package will look like: I’ll spend a half-day (up to 4 hours) at your home and one other location of your choice capturing your family doing what you do. I actually thought about a full day, but let’s be honest. Your family doesn’t want me around for a whole day! If we were doing one of these shoots with my family we’d hang out around the house then walk to breakfast at one of our favorite places. Or maybe go to the park (or beach!) because that’s kind of what we do. And that’s what I want to remember from this time! I really could go on and on about this all day. And I probably will. Sorry in advance if you run into me today, and I tell you all about this again.

In fact, I want everyone reading this to book one of these packages, so I’m offering 20% off any “A Day in the Life” package booked by the end of March! Click here to download a pdf with all the details. Then contact me if you have any questions. Okay, are you excited yet?!? Good. We must move on…

2. Another new feature this year is a combined Maternity/Newborn package. I’ve been getting requests for this for about a year, but honestly stayed away from the idea, because I don’t really see myself as a classic newborn photographer. My shoots are more “new family hanging out at home and kissing the baby” than “baby in a basket wearing a flower headband.” I like the other style. It just isn’t what I do. But I shot a few newborn sessions last year and loved them so much! The parents really trusted me to just capture this stage in their lives – spit up and all – and I was so grateful for that. (See some examples here and here.) I really didn’t think there was a market in Jacksonville for this type of newborn work, but there you all go proving me wrong again! So here goes… I’ll now be offering a combined Maternity/Newborn package for anyone interested. Click here to download the Maternity/Newborn Package Guide.

3. Last, I’ve revamped all of my print packages. In the past I wasn’t very intentional with these and was just offering what I thought everyone else did. But I want to be more hands-on with my clients and help them order packages that will be perfect in their homes. So for the most part that means larger prints in all three print packages. You know you need more giant prints in your home. Right?! Like this one in my bathroom. Ha!! Seriously though. Bigger is better. 🙂

I know this is a lot, so don’t hesitate to hit that “contact” button up there and tell me how confused you are after reading all of this!
I’m excited to work with a lot of you this year. Wait. Did I already say that?!?


  1. I was really hoping the video Anderson did for you was going to be one of your “new” offerings…a girl can dream right!? Very excited about your “day in the life of” package! Can’t wait to take advantage of this… 🙂

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